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For over 15 years, Isom Global Strategies (IGS) has been a trusted firm in marketing and communication services. We have executed more than 1,195 requests in the past 18 months alone for professional services, integrated marketing, graphic design, and community outreach.
Strategic Communications

Strategic marketing has evolved to be more than branding and advertising outcomes. At IGS, our clients attain a sustainable competitive advantage. In addition to the traditional marketing vehicles in which we excel, IGS expertly engages social media, social capital, partners, and passion in our strategic marketing initiatives. Our team has years of experience in supporting companies and government agencies in the creation and implementation of strategic plans. Because our resources in research and program areas extend across all communication platforms, we’re able to step in and provide strategic counsel and optimize existing efforts at any phase.

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Public Relations

IGS’ senior management has a collective 40+ years of strategic management and planning experience to produce stellar public engagement efforts through media strategy, writing press releases, media pitching, press conferences, and media tracking. IGS is adept at leveraging, maintaining, and crafting new strategies. We have worked to make strategic planning and execution a part of the way we do business when engaging the public. 

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Program Management

Our program management team defines goals, delivers outputs, initiates change, and creates outcomes. For program stakeholders as well as the target audience, our program concepts deliver long-term improvements to bring change and yield tangible benefits. With persuasive content, compelling marketing tactics, and strategic promotion, we create programs that are relevant and engage customers. It is imperative for organizations to be able to depend on a firm that takes a nontraditional and creative approach to the work you need done and brings intimate knowledge of your target audience. Ensuring messages are not only received but embraced, we help clients build successful, lasting relationships with members, customers, and prospects.

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Digital Media Marketing

IGS reinvents the way you broadcast your message. Our digital team is composed of strategists, writers, and creative designers. Our key strategy is marked by
collaboration, and IGS is passionate about creating a beautiful and seamless message that will reach and engage with audiences on all digital platforms. We create and curate content by getting to know our client and their audience — adopting the product, the mission, and the goals as if they were our own. We also identify opportunities for growth and expansion to other markets. Our experience with digital media brings added intensity to marketing and community outreach campaigns.

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Event Planning

With a proven track record of producing well-executed conferences and events, IGS brings exciting and innovative concepts to your event planning needs, leaving your attendees with a memorable and positive experience. Our team understands and has worked within the rules and regulations that apply to conferencing activities for commercial agencies and the federal government. We provide expert guidance based on over 15 years experience executing various types of contracts. Whether it involves 10 or 175,000 attendees, all aspects of the conference are planned to perfection, from site surveying and contract negotiation to staffing and event follow-up. Our planning has supported White House initiatives, corporate C-suite leadership, military health research public information dissemination, and small business thought leaders and insights.

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Management Consulting

IGS advises numerous companies and federal agencies on issues that range from engaging social media to redefining their strategy, organization, technology, and operations. Our management strategies lead to lasting solutions. Working across departments and disciplines, we provide an efficient assessment based on internal capabilities and external goals.

Real Estate

Due to demanding work schedules, many people seek culture entertainment and experiences within their immediate community.  A member of the National Association of Homebuilders and NAHB Professional Women in Building Council (PWB), Maryland Building Industry Association (MBIA), IGS is a woman-owned firm specializing in full lifecycle marketing services for developers, realtors, and investors.  Our services include Marketing, Public Relations, Digital Marketing and Social Media, Retail Marketing, Development Marketing, Community Outreach, and Event Planning & Activations.  Our primary goals are to assist developers in transitioning gentrified neighborhoods, so no one feels displaced and disregarded; increase consumer foot traffic to retailer and directly increase in-store sales; create engaging events and activations for mixed-use developments to build community; and create a digital strategy including: social media, content strategy, advertising, and SEO for all developments, retailers, and multi-use venues.

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