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Comcast // Digital Marketing

The Challenge

Spread positive messaging with brand ambassadors

Comcast Xfinity is a technical and market leader in multiple products and services, including approximately one-third of the market for both high-speed internet and cable television. However, Comcast faces competition from other companies, changes in consumer interests, low awareness of some of its products, and customer deterrence based on an ailing reputation for customer service. Comcast hired IGS to help identify and train brand ambassadors who would learn and spread positive influential messages about the company.


The Solution

Training influencers to promote brand value

Using influencer databases and original research into content, frequency, and reach, IGS identified potential Comcast Xfinity brand ambassadors and narrowed the list to those most likely to volunteer to promote the company. IGS helped Comcast plan and conduct an invitation-only event to promote its value proposition and train unpaid ambassador influencers on positive messaging about Comcast. IGS helped encourage event participation, communicate with registrants pre- and post-event, develop an influencer toolkit, and monitor registrants’ ongoing social media posts.

We helped Comcast conduct an invitation-only event to promote its value proposition and train influencers on positive messaging about the brand.
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The Results

IGS helped Comcast achieve 95% attendance among pre-registered future brand ambassadors, nearly 1.1 million digital followers, and 209 pre- and post-event social media posts; and posts within 14 days after the event as follows: blogs-12; Facebook-17; Twitter-159; Instagram-32; YouTube-1.

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