Case Study

Strategic Communications

DC PTAC // Traditional Marketing

The Challenge

Assess and enhance awareness of agency services

The more than 70,000 small businesses in Washington, DC employ over 240,000 people, nearly half of the city’s private-sector workforce. Federal contracts are important for such businesses, but can be difficult to identify and win. The DC Procurement Technical Assistance Center (DC PTAC) offers counseling and competitive insights for government contracting, but was uncertain about its impact. DC PTAC hired IGS to assess and enhance awareness of the agency’s services.

DC PTAC Small Business Summit

The Solution

IGS led customized internal and external assessments of DC PTAC’s operations, communications, competition, and impact. We used the assessments to recommend updates to roles and organizational framework, and to craft insightful and targeted messaging, positioning statements and a value proposition. We created marketing, branding, and outreach materials and campaigns that enabled DC PTAC to communicate its services and impact to target audiences. IGS also helped evaluate DC PTAC’s annual Small Business Summit to enhance awareness and value of the event.

IGS provided DC PTAC with a wealth of opportunities to promote and spread awareness for their company and its mission.
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Increase in Summit Attendance

The Results

DC PTAC experienced steady growth in clientele, exceeded annual benchmark goals set by the DC Government and Department of Defense, and increased attendance at its annual Small Business Summit by over 50%.

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