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Tech Transfer & Innovation

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The Challenge

Advocate and advise minority business owners about tech transfer and innovation

The nearly one million minority-owned firms in the United States employ more than 7 million people. Their participation in federally-supported technology transfer and innovation creates more jobs and boosts business success and the U.S. economy. The Department of Commerce’s Minority Business Development Agency engaged IGS to help increase requests for technology transfer between the 300 federal labs available to the public and minority businesses, innovators, educators, partnerships, technology ecosystems, and others.


The Solution

Communicating a complex topic in plain language

Technology Transfer is confusing to mature innovation experts, so IGS drafted plain language to explain and promote it. Then, after conducting communications research, we created a five-city tour titled “The InVision Tour, Jumpstart Your Inventions.” We created messaging for Innovators (grass roots inventor or someone with existing patents) and Industrialists (entrepreneur, small business owner, investor, partner, co-op, LLC, or thrill seeker). Based on great messaging success we created communications for paid, shared, earned, and owned media.

We created The InVision Tour, a five-city tour advising minority entrepreneurs on how to access federal funding and resources to develop new products, create businesses and jobs, and build generational wealth.
daily website hits

The Results

We created and curated multiple lead-generation pages. Our emails accounted for 60% of registrations. We had 124 magazine pickups, averaged 2,000 daily website hits, and have nearly 300 video, infographic, advertisement, email, website, and social media assets.

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