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Experiential Marketing

IGS’ approach is to always engage the consumer in a way that brands beyond the day. memorable consumer engagement can touch consumers one-on-one or as a group through experiences they talk and tweet about, further pushing your impressions beyond traditional advertising. 

Out-of-the-Box Experiences

Aligning your company with your audiences’ pleasurable experience insures that your brand is top of mind, a part of customer lifestyle, and a shareable topic for social engagement. We develop out-the-box experiences toward your brand goals, products, and services. IGS brand strategies connect in-person experiences to digital interactions for real activation.

Every experience should align with your marketing funnel, lead to quantifiable metrics, and capture quality data and leads to increase in revenue, impressions, and engagement.

Your involvement and expertise are very valuable to the success of our program. — Dr. Sylvain Cardin, JPC-6

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