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Traditional Marketing

More than ever, traditional marketing is needed to oversee the execution of all aspects of a comprehensive marketing program including digital marketing, public relations, advertising, and customer experience.

Create the Foundation

Before you launch any digital marketing initiative, you need to create the foundation on which that campaign will thrive. IGS believes in the creating, curating, and cultivating of tribes for all marketing campaigns and initiatives. And only research can properly inform a successful tribal marketing strategy.

Once research has been conducted, goals have been established and messaging has been created, we develop key performance indicators, a tribal strategy, the customer journey, marketing funnels, and tracking tools before deploying a comprehensive campaign with both traditional and digital tactics. These tactics include:

  • Paid – advertising
  • Earned – public relations
  • Shared – digital strategy
  • Owned – written, designed, and filmed assets
The team was responsive and effective, often stepping in and taking care of things that we had not even considered. Branding and social media for the InVision Tour were aesthetically appealing; content was engaging; and drove increased traffic to our website and Tour registrations. — Patricia, Department of Commerce

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