Creating Awareness for Private-Sector Preparedness

IGS was engaged to provide communications support to FEMA’s congressionally mandated PS-Prep™ Program, a voluntary private-sector preparedness-certification program for small businesses and many targeted stakeholders. The goal of this project was to create and increase awareness of the PS-Prep™ Program among stakeholders and to encourage private-sector preparedness in case of a natural or human-induced disaster, with the main focus being business continuity.

We provided a variety of communications services, including strategic planning and communications development, graphic and web design, video production, and research and evaluation.

During the performance of this contract, our client team members have been called to respond to several natural disasters. This consistently influenced our priorities and the approval process for many of our deliverables. We responded to these interruptions by preparing deliverables early to get them started in the approval process and with the key players.

We produced cost-effective, flexible, and attention-getting materials for conference collateral and exhibit booth material for trade show presence. After illustrating our design capabilities, an internal client decision to accept no new logos was overturned. The logo we presented was not only approved but embraced by several departments. As a result, we were also asked to design the official certification emblem.

We were successful in the completion and approval of all prioritized projects and initiatives. We authored the first article for PS-Prep™, which was published by the International Franchise Association, and helped to acquire the interest of four early adopters of the PS-Prep™ program.

Our initial one-year contract was extended to a five-year contract due to our delivery of communication materials that promoted the program to the private sector in an understandable and relatable fashion.

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