Raising Awareness About Traumatic Brain Injury

The United States Coast Guard (USCG) tasked IGS to develop a 10 to 15 minute Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) 101 DVD highlighting the importance of identifying and responding to a TBI in a timely manner. 

The objective of the video was to provide an overview of TBI related education and awareness to all Active Duty and Selected Reserve members in the Coast Guard (~50,000 members). Topics in the training video include TBI foundation, the definition of TBI, the core TBI message, the scope of the TBI problem, sports applications of TBI, and the current plan to address TBI.

IGS provided comprehensive production services, including developing a creative brief, video outline and production schedule, scripting of interview talking points, creating reenactment scenarios, scouting locations, shooting, and editing. IGS supervised the production crew and coordinated meetings with USCG to ensure that the overall production process and schedule aligned with USCG guidelines. 

IGS filmed at various locations along the East Coast, including Cape May and Atlantic City, NJ; New London, CT; Cape Cod, MA; and Baltimore and Saint Inigoes, MD.

Through a series of three reenactments, including a helicopter rescue following a head injury at sea, the TBI video emphasizes the importance, urgency and responsibility of reporting TBI. The video aims to dispel the stigma of TBI, while thorough informing USCG service members about how to identify TBI and respond accordingly.

In addition to reenactments, the video features interviews with USCG doctors, admirals and other personnel. All footage was original and shot in high definition (HD), using state-of-the-art equipment, in order to produce broadcast-quality results.

IGS services and final video exceeded the Coast Guard’s expectations. IGS also delivered all materials on time and was flexible within the confines of meeting the Coast Guard’s requirements.

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